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Oof. Sorry for the silence (a phrase I know I’ve written on this blog more than once!). It’s been busy busy – which is great – it just means less time to do things like um blogging?! – ha!

One of the reasons this year was so busy was weddings – and not just client weddings but friend weddings to work on and attend! I love working with my friends because they often give me complete creative control – so I get to use them as guinea pigs for things I’ve always wanted to try. Enter our dear friends Beth and Brandon. Beth works for downtown Denver and Brandon is a structual engineer. They wanted their overall feel to be a little bit whimsical and of course incoporate the mountains since the venue was in Steamboat. So for their save the date I suggested we do a pop-up!

I designed the front to reference their love of craft beers and on the inside we had a banner giving some general information and then the Denver skyline set against the backdrop of the mountains. For the background we used a topographic map of Steamboat. So all of the elements incorporated pieces of both of them!

When it came to the invitations – we wanted to refine everything just a little bit. So, we used some of the leaf and tree graphics as well as the mountain logo from the front of the save the date. The entire set was offset printed on 130# natural white cover stock in dark grey ink.

Now it’s a toss up for what I love most – the save the dates or the seating chart?! For the seating chart Beth randomly mentioned once that she loved advent calendars as child. So of course I suggested that their seating chart be modeled after an advent calendar. We had each of the couples listed and on a rough state by state layout and we drew icons to match the look and feel of where they were coming from. Then underneath we had another print with their table number. So each couple came up and pulled their tab open to reveal what table they were sitting at.

I loved how their wedding stationery was so interactive from start to finish!

A very special thank you to Beth and Brandon for their inspiration and for allowing me to get a little crazy with their wedding stationery!